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More than 15 years of experience in self-care and personal development

Now also Online 


Online course platform


there is always a course you can start with right away

There are courses available all year round, as well as courses that have a specific start date.


All courses are created and taught by Willian and Lindsay themselves


Willian and Lindsay give courses on topics in which they themselves have a lot of life experience. As a result, they will also include many real-life examples.


With the course you get: videos, assignments, audio files and detailed descriptions of the material.


Because everyone works in a different way, the courses are offered in a way that works for everyone. You can both watch the videos and listen to the audio files, as well as review everything at your leisure.


Willian and Lindsay have been organising retreats based on self-development together in Tenerife for five years.


In the past few years, Willian and Lindsay together have guided no less than 50 individual retreats in Tenerife. Always concerned with personal alignment while seeing the similarities in individuals, they know better than anyone else to get to the point quickly.


The cheapest course is only 29 euros.

It is not feasible for everyone to travel to Tenerife, but fortunately we can also teach you from the comfort of your home.


Human Design reading

Learn all about your unique design in this individual reading. 

  • In a more than 2 to 2.5-hour reading, all the highlights of your chart

  • Recording sent afterwards so you can listen back to it as often as you like

  • Can be applied for throughout the year



The 11 basic principles you need to know to understand your unique chart!


Available in English as per Dec 1 2022

Reserve your spot!

Human Design 


9 Meditations for more peace in your life


Work with your subconscious

Get old patterns out of your system

Create more love for yourself

Available in English as per Dec 1 2022

Retreat moments

6-month programme in 21 steps to realise a dream life

Fully embracing your unique self

A life full of passion

Ultimate freedom

Receiving in abundance

The power of manifesting


Registration is already possible now,


Expected start date - late October - early November

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