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Relationship Retreat Tenerife


Boost your relationship


With this retreat, we focus on your relationship.

Who are you and what do you have to offer as a partner?


This works both ways and in a relationship, you both have a 50-50 share in this.


If your relationship is not going well, this might be the right time for you to work on this together and get closer to each other.



Do both of your strengths really come to the fore? Are you together a real team in which you are attuned and build on each other?

In which you let each other grow by knowing each other's learning points, uncertainties and pitfalls?

— Naam, titel

You feel you are more sensitive than the other in certain areas.

You feel that your environment has an influence on you, and that you do not always meet the expectations imposed on you. For example, from your job, society, or your relationship with others.

You do know there is something inside you somewhere that you feel you are here for a reason, but you can't quite find and/or name your power.

Even if your relationship is going well, this retreat could be very suitable for you. Either way, it will bring you closer together.


What we do in this retreat is that we look at your unique strengths.


What makes you who you are?

And how powerful do you feel?

Are you doing what you enjoy doing?

Do you have a nice job?

Do you feel balance in yourself?

And how do you deal with your insecurities, shortcomings or pitfalls?


How do you experience happiness and where is a potential that you are not yet using.


In addition, we do exactly the same with your partner. Where does he or she stand, what brought him or her here and what is his or her strength? 


In this retreat, we will work individually and together.


We chart the state of your relationship, where opportunities for growth lie and where you may have to compromise with each other if you want to move forward in life together.

We believe that two people in a relationship will always stay together as long as there is an intention on both sides to bring out the full potential in each other, and to keep learning from each other.


Where there is room for all areas of a relationship. and where you strengthen each other (bonding).
You could also divide this same description into the topics: - layers - sex - intimacy- friendship and organisation. 

Attraction; physically, and in behaviour. What do you like and enjoy about the other person. Sex and intimacy.

Friendship; what keeps you together, and what do you have in common.

Where do you strengthen each other; ''bonding'' and attachment.

Practicality and organisation; how does it look practical, do you get it organised together.

These people went before you





'' In the right place, everything falls into place: an ideal combination of a beautiful location and our loving inspiration''




Really get to know each other!

In this retreat, you will take all the time you need for each other, but we will also take all the time we need for you. Your relationship will be highlighted in a different way, allowing you to shine together again.

Give yourself and one another a chance to experience great growth, and get closer together.


What you will learn

Topics covered include;

  • Finding yourself worthwhile

  • Appreciating each other's worth

  • Seeing differences in each other

  • Fulfilling needs; What do you need from the other person?

  • Where do you have something to learn?

  • What can you help the other person with?

  • Where is the untapped potential?

  • Where is your strength?

  • Where do you need to compromise?

We - Willian and Lindsay have experienced how close you can get when you know yourself very well and are aware of who you are and what you have to offer in this world. However, we have also seen many relationships break down for the same reasons. Partly because of the fact that one starts an awareness process and the other does not. This can lead to losing each other considerably


Lindsay has been working online as a medium/ psychic for the past 5 years. In this field of work, she has gained the necessary experience as a ''relationship coach'' . Because of the experience Lindsay carries with her, this is exactly what has come her way in recent years.

A relationship is a verb as they often say. So we are not going to sit still for 7 days here. You will get to work, and the sessions will be intensive. In turn, we will pull out all the stops, to help you grow and flourish together. 

In short, this retreat is really for you if you want to take your relationship a level higher. If you feel that you really belong together, but you also notice that sometimes you don't quite know how to handle it. If you feel there are differences between you, and you sometimes don't know how to bridge them. If you want a big boost for connection, but also if you doubt whether you are both capable of making each other truly happy.
One thing is certain, after a retreat with us you will have clarity, insights and know exactly where you stand with yourself, and in your relationship. 

After the retreat, you will have

what you can expect from us

Free intake interview; It is important to us that there is a click between the

participants ( you ) and the coaches ( us ) 

Daily in-depth coaching - with each other or individually

Daily personalised meditations- with in each other or individually

Family constellation individual

Universal Energy Chakra Healings individual

Human Design Readings together and individual




'' '' In the right place, everything falls into place: an ideal combination of a beautiful location and our loving inspiration'' 



IMG_20220704_205945 (2).jpg

The retreat spot -
And us

This retreat aims to get closer to your true core.

We do this by removing all unnecessary distractions. By being in nature and getting back to basics, you make it easier for yourself to get back to your core. What is your life really about? When all distractions are gone, your phone off, your social environment your work environment and your family behind you, what is left of you? Who are you then? And what roles do you actually play in your life?


The venue we offer is entirely geared and adapted to this. We experienced ourselves for almost a year what it is like to go back to basics. To go back to the core of life. By living without water, electricity and internet connection. We were totally dependent on each other during this period and it brought us very close together. Now you might think this is a very romantic image, together and alone on a mountain by candlelight.... But this has brought its own challenges. Challenges that not only brought us closer to ourselves, but also closer to each other.



To complete your relaxing, nature-immersed stay, we have made sure you have a comfortable bed for the best possible sleep after an intense day. For accommodation, you can choose between our brand new retreat house with a private garden and private facilities, one of our comfortable rooms, or optionally one of the luxurious yurts.

As you can see from the photos, the rooms are fully equipped, and each room has a wood-burning stove to keep you warm during the colder winter period. The rooms are equipped with a large bed. They all have a separate entrance directly adjoining the outdoor area and adjacent views of nature. The rooms are simple but comfortable. If you choose this option, you will share the bathroom and kitchen with other guests.


The retreat house is unique in its design as it is a former stable complex that is part of the Finca. This spacious house gives you all the privacy you need. You have your own bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom. The bedroom has a large bed and a wood-burning stove for those colder winter nights. This house has stunning views over the ocean and a beautiful valley at your front (stable) door.


Most frequent questions

What about arrival day-departure day?

Given the changes in flight times - and days, the arrival time is different for everyone. The programme starts on day 1 at 2pm. That means that your first retreat day starts with lunch after which you follow the afternoon programme, and evening programme. 
Your departure day ends around noon, usually around 12 o'clock. This means that in the morning, after your breakfast, you will receive another session with possibly a meditation and then your programme ends.

Is it possible to book extra nights?

Should your flight times be very inconvenient, causing you to miss part of the first or last day of your programme. Then we recommend booking an extra night. You will then arrive a little earlier, or leave a day later. The programme remains the same, but you can book extra nights or meals. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you in our personal meeting.


Is food and drink included?

This intensive 7-day programme includes all meals and drinks.

Where will you pick me up? 

Airport transfer from airport North Tenerife to our place is included,. Should you land on Tenerife SOUTH there is a shuttle bus (343) with a direct connection for about €10,- that can take you from south to north ( and back ) For a more price, it is also possible to pick you up in the south.

Are there opportunities for support AFTER the retreat?

We currently have several opportunities to continue your personal development through coaching online. There is a full follow-up programme, more information can be found on this website

Where can I see availability?

Generally, we have first contact with those who book a retreat with us. You may have spoken to us in person, or via social media. In this personal contact, we also agree together on what availability we have and what of course fits within your possibilities. 
Your reservation is final when you have paid the 20% deposit. We will send you a link for this.

How much time do we have left besides the programme?
What does my programme roughly look like?



Breakfast - tailored to your dietary requirements
In-depth coaching - seamlessly tailored to your challenges and wishes
Following guided meditation


Lunch - tailored to your dietary needs
One-to-one counselling/coaching in the form tailored to you; 
Family constellation, Universal Energy Chakra Healing or Human Design Reading


Dinner - tailored to your dietary requirements
Space for questions - and a nice chat after dinner


Really get to know each other!

In this retreat, you will take all the time you need for each other, but we will also take all the time we need for you. Your relationship will be highlighted in a different way, allowing you to shine together again.

Give yourself and one another a chance to experience great growth, and grow closer together.


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