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Retreat Tenerife

Within our retreat centre - here in Tenerife - we guide people one-to-one in a very intensive journey. Every day we dive a little deeper into our retreat guest. 

Since 2018, we did more than 50 individual retreats! 

In this we have been able to be teachers to others. At first glance, the themes of our retreat guests seemed very diverse. But there is a solid core. And maybe you recognise yourself in one or more themes of our retreat guests;

Veel mensen lopen rond met de vraag ;

Who am I, and where do I want to go with my life....?

I would like a different job, but what?

Am I actually still happy in my current relationship?

In short basically everyone was looking for;


Peace, space and freedom


Why a retreat?

Life is full of challenges and sometimes things don't go the way you want for a while.


Are you struggling with work, income, relationships, (mental) health or the meaning of life?


Would you like to face the future full of positive energy, but don't know how?


Are you looking for new insights and practical tools to help you regain control of your life and break old patterns?


Then perhaps a retreat with us is what you need.


These people went before you


What makes the retreat unique?


in stunning natural surroundings on Tenerife 

in-depth and enlightening one-to-one coaching



daily silent and guided meditations


universel chakra healing and bodywork


reading and guidance according to your design

Human Design

Insights and tools you can really use

Personal growth


Digital Detox

getting away from the stimuli of your phone and computer


Available packages


3 to 20 days one on one --30 days - group

  • Human design reading & Coaching

  • Intensive coaching

  • 2 Individual sessions per day (1 on 1)

  • 1 group session per day ( group 30d )

  • Family constellations

  • Guided meditations

  • All attention and time for you

  • Available all year round


perfect relationship 
7 days

  • Human design reading for you and your partner

  • Daily coaching

  • Guided meditations

  • Just you and your partner

  • Bookable all year round

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