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Lindsay en Willian Kirchner
Telefoon nummer: 0034689622767

Camino Los Alamos 8, Finca Los Alamos. 38292 Tegueste, Santa Cruz de Tenerife




In retreat: Themes of the group RELAXPERIENCE


The Great (Str)esscape 

A burn out, chronic stress or depression keep you on the ground. You mainly need rest, reflection. A bit of awareness about how you got to this point where you gave yourself completely, gave it away and apparently not enough energy came back to motivate you (body and mind) to continue like this. Where did it go wrong, why did it go wrong and above all, how do you get out of that fog? Nothing arises from nothing, so your situation has arisen from something. It is necessary to explore, recognize, recognize and to get to know your real self better. So that in the future you may make more conscious choices, namely those for yourself.


Money, fear factor or free factor

Many continue until they drop because they think it is all about the money. Because otherwise life situations arise where too many sacrifices have to be made on a personal or material level. Having a lot has become more important than being and so you go on and on. Until a moment comes when it doesn't work anymore. Somehow you know that this moment will ever come, but since it is not there yet and you are focused on short-term solutions .. you continue. Are you aware that this cannot continue? Then get started and change money from a "fear factor" to a "free factor".



From Lifeboat to Relation-ship 

Is your relationship a sinking ship? Do you come across the same kind of situation in every relationship where you feel that your relationship is no more than a lifebuoy that you are clinging to in order not to drown? To then collide with an iceberg of best intentions that are not answered equally? With attraction between people, old patterns from everyone's past often play a role. As a result, old (painful) events are often and unintentionally triggered in relationships. We often choose a partner who feels familiar and safe because we unknowingly (re) recognize his or her behavior or characteristics from our own past or, on the contrary, miss ourselves. That is usually not the same as the partner that makes us happy after leaving the pink zone. It is therefore necessary to start exploring, recognizing, acknowledging this and making other and more conscious choices with regard to your future partner.



Fancy your family again

Your family, your children, your plus children. Sometimes a whole sum of people and people who can deprive you of the urge to work hard for it every time. And sometimes there is even a certain reluctance to do your best for your family because there is no form of reward (pleasure, connection, appreciation). Not to mention parents, parents-in-law, family members or former partners who think they should play a tune behind your front door. Do you really want to have fun again in your family? You can do this by learning to stay close to yourself, by learning what you want and how you want it. By learning that children are not there to appreciate or please you and that these needs come from somewhere else and therefore need to be met somewhere else; this is not the job of your children and not even your partner's. Learning to live independently in a family in which family members are also dependent on each other .. that is possible and it is also possible that you can even make sense in your family again.



From emergency to free connection

In a society it is almost impossible to make connections with other people around you. We sometimes see ourselves and the people around us making attempts to un-people: distance from everything and everyone. Not to be confronted with the way in which others seem to deal with connections. Misuse of goodness, manipulation, narcissism, deception, incomprehension and therefore still loneliness, sensitivity. All reasons, and there are probably many more, to avoid connections or just to make connections because you have to: the emergency relationship.

From our own experiences we realize that this tendency to avoidance has to do mainly with ourselves. With our own inability to set clear and clear boundaries and to always adapt ourselves to the other, even in our own house or terrain. Ultimately, the solution therefore lies with us. The question is thn of course: why do we feel inhibited in setting our limits and do we display adaptive behavior. We will get started with that!


In retreat: Always and for everyone, tailor-made or in a group

Do you want a retreat? The retreats can be booked individually throughout the year, on a date that suits you! Do you prefer a group retreat? (max 3 people) Then take a look at the dates indicated above.

Or contact us.

Intake Relaxperience
Before we definitively register you for the retreat, an intake interview will take place via Skype (or another form of video calling). Here we can meet and see if there is a click.


Not sure if you want to retire with us? Request a no-obligation Skype conversation via the contact form, or call us on 0034689622767

In retreat: meals
We prepare our own meals, which we like to share with you. Because we are convinced that we can present you a tasty and nutritious meal. If you have specific wishes, let us know and we will see how and if we can accommodate these wishes.


In retreat: prices
4 days, 3 nights € 390
7 days, 6 nights € 690

10 days, 9 nights € 990


  • Group retreats are 10 days.

  • With a shared room you get a 15% discount.

  • All named prices include; Airport transfer,
    three meals a day, coffee, tea, juices and water.


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