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Retreat Moments

6 months of online working together


Living and doing business from naturalness

Sustainable working on your personal development

You've probably taken an online
course before

Social media is full of courses. Get rich quick, set a marketing strategy for the most successful business ever, live your most beautiful life and, of course, go through life happy and healthy.


What these courses have in common is that it is often focused on the short term. If you would like to receive money in abundance, you want it NOW. And you want to know the quickest way HOW to achieve that. HOW to become happy as soon as possible.... 


It all seems so easy. Become a coach or make money with ''drop shipping'' You create an online programme, you move abroad, you become a digital nomad....

Everything seems so makeable.... With the other.....


You join a training, course or pathway only to find out that it doesn't work for you.

— Naam, titel

You commit yourself fully and you know how it should be.... You follow all the steps suggested, but something gnaws in your gut ; Is this right?

After the course, or training, you soon lapse back into your old patterns. 

You doubt yourself, because it seems to work for the other person, but not for you? Then there must be something wrong with you..... Right?!


A true story

Together, Willian and Lindsay are a force in looking at the past. A Retreat Moment is a moment for yourself. A pause, a look back at the past and see what actually didn't work, or didn't work in the past. 


To retreat therefore literally means: pulling yourself back. Think of it as the waves of the sea... You retreat to get back into your power. You move with the current, without wanting to edit it, direct it, determine it from a strategic mind.

Happy familie.png

Living and doing business from naturalness


In this programme, you will learn what is important to YOU as a unique person in life, and how to take root in your ideas, wishes and or plans. What is really important to start being happy in the long run?

 Let this collaboration be a start to a sustainable life.


What is the difference?

Onder de brug


  • Short focus on short-term goal

  • Marketing funnels ( business )

  • E-mail marketing ( business )

  • Taking result-oriented actions

  • Predominant male energy

  • Ranking- Strategic positioning

  • Visibility and consistency

Non -strategic

  • Confidence in the future

  • It's all about the right timing

  • Create the right environment

  • Balance energy; more room for female energy

  • Creating findability ( business )

  • Working on energetic and radiant looks

  • Deep rooting of ideas

  • Certainty about where you stand

  • Working with energy and frequencies

After 6 months you..

What topics will be covered:

Nutrition concept - Intuitive eating

Do you have a healthy diet, and what does that mean for you?

All about your relationship with food and ''intake''.

What is conscious living

Personal development literally means unwinding that which is no longer appropriate to get to the core. So you become aware of the patterns that prevent you from getting to that core!

What is spirituality to you

Many people who call themselves spiritual get stuck in the area of money/work/marketing. It can feel like being spiritual is at odds with the material world in which money still plays a big part.

Connection with nature

Our true nature lives in connection with nature. Nature gives us everything we need. Learn to listen again to the story of the wind in the leaves.

Family and relationship bonds

Often they are warm, sometimes they are less stimulating for your personal growth. The impact of your surroundings is great and sometimes keeps you from focusing on yourself.

Education and schooling

This often determines how you behave in everyday life. We get this from home or school. Dare to question what you have been given and whether it really suits you

Patterns and thinking patterns

Our beliefs determine our thoughts, determine our feelings, determine our behaviour, determine our actions. Have these actions led to genuine fulfilment so far? 

Inner roles - and conditioning 

You behave a certain way in life. Responsibility sometimes feels heavy. Meeting expectations equally so. Change your roles and your conditionings and your life changes with them.

Mindset and meditations

Directing thoughts, a powerful tool to change your mindset into one that gives you more happiness, peace and space in your life

Balance between feelings and thoughts

Structuring thoughts and knowing what is important to you, what has priority or urgency. And what doesn't.

Waarom zou dit voor jou belangrijk zijn? 


Influence collective

We are moving in a collective that is working towards a new way of being: from strategic to non-strategic.

Langdurige stabiliteit

You don't want a quick fix, because all those ´one size fits all´ programmes only give short term satisfaction

Personal sustainability

What you are doing now is old... They are old patterns. It is time for a new development, a sustainable development


Manifesting doesn't just mean dreaming, and hoping. We teach you how it really works


What others say about us


For whom is the course suitable?

For those who carry a deep desire for a change in their lives, but don't quite know HOW.

For those that are ready for a big change and willing to learn all the secrets of manifesting

No one - size - fits - all concept


Living and working from naturalness

In this programme, you will learn what is important to YOU as a unique person in life, and how to root your ideas, wishes and or plans. What is really important to be happy in the longer term?

Let this collaboration be a beginning of a sustainable life.


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