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Retreats Tenerife

Since 2018, we did more than 75 individual retreats! 

​Here, at our Tenerife retreat center, we embark on an immersive one-on-one discovery with our guests. Each day, we dive deeper into their individual paths, guiding them through a transformative experience.

Peace, Space, and Freedom

As mentors, we've encountered a wide array of themes among our guests, initially appearing diverse but ultimately rooted in a common foundation. You may find yourself resonating with one or more of these themes:

  • The perennial question: Who am I, and where is my life headed?

  • Contemplations on career transitions: Is there a more fulfilling path for me?

  • Evaluating relationship satisfaction: Am I truly content in my current partnership?


In essence, everyone seeks clarity and direction in their journey.


Why a retreat?

Life is full of challenges and sometimes things don't go the way you want for a while.


Are you struggling with work, income, relationships, (mental) health or the meaning of life?


Would you like to face the future full of positive energy, but don't know how?


Are you looking for new insights and practical tools to help you regain control of your life and break old patterns?


Then perhaps a retreat with us is what you need.



Yvonne, U.K.

Sleeping in a yurt, on my own, 500 meters above sea level on the mountains of north Tenerife surrounded by its dramatic and lush vegetation, with wild squawking roosters, and view of the North Atlantic Ocean was the perfect place for me to detach myself from the matrix way of being and recharge my batteries.

We look at possibilities.

Not impossibilities.

Tell us what you are up against and what issues are troubling you and we will tailor a realistic plan. Our work is based on our experience and intuition. All our treatments are individual. Our intensive approach allows us to quickly go into depth, so you will come to many new insights. Our focus is on the possibilities, not the impossibilities. The treatments are spiritual, but the insights you will gain from them are practically applicable in the course of your life. You leave Tenerife relieved and looking forward to the future again.

During your 5, 10, 20 or 30-day stay, we will work intensively, personally, individually, and exclusively with you alone or in small groups, focusing on you and the issues that concern you now.

At the beginning of the retreat, we make a realistic plan together regarding the challenges and goals you want to work on. We then tailor our approach accordingly. We do this based on intuition and unique methods we developed.


We delve into the depths of your being and provide you with many new insights. We offer you tools for the struggles you currently encounter in your life so that you can work on them practically.


We will work on your challenges, goals, wishes and dreams, without losing sight of reality and your realistic circumstances.


What is included?

  • Free intake

  • In-depth daily coaching

  • Personalised Meditations

  • Option of 6 months of online aftercare 

  • Energy constellation(s)

  • Universal Energy Chakra Healing

  • Human Design

  • One-to-one counselling or group (30 days retreat)

  • Airport Shuttle (Tenerife-North/ South)

  • Three meals a day - plus drinks

Really get to know yourself!

Are you ready to really put yourself first? Let's work together to find out how you can start living your life passionately from your pure and authentic self!


Let's embark on a life-changing transformation process.​

After a retreat with us you'll have:


A clear perspective on what you want

Where do you stand and where do you want to go?

Discover how to REALLY listen to yourself, and understand your innermost desires and needs.


Permission to REALLY be yourself 

We can help you understand yourself better.
You actually always knew who and what you want and need. You've kept yourself hidden from the world, afraid of their judgment. No more!


Inner connection and self-acceptance

Let´s create a safe space within to allow yourself to be who YOU want to be.

Let´s stop swimming against the currents of mainstream thinking and live more authentically.

What can you expect from us?

Now, let's talk about what you can expect from us. At Free Canari we make seven promises to guide you toward deep transformation. 


Profound Understanding of Your Inner Being: We delve deep into the depths of your psyche, offering new insights into your core being.


Life-Changing Insights: Prepare to experience epiphanies that alter your perspective and pave the way for lasting change.


Guilt Relief: Say goodbye to the burdens of guilt as we help you navigate and release the sources of your remorse.


Regained Autonomy: Reclaim control over your life as you discover your innate power and autonomy.


More Self-Love: Cultivate a deeper sense of self-compassion and acceptance, nurturing a newfound love for yourself.


Less Responsibility for Others, More for Yourself: Learn to strike a healthy balance between caring for others and prioritising your own well-being.


Depth in Depth coaching: Experience coaching sessions that delve into the depths of your being, offering profound insights and guidance every step of the way.


With these promises, we commit and sign a universal contract to guide you to sincere personal growth and empowerment. Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey with us?


The moment you start to wonder if you deserve better, you do.

We help you discover the answers to deep life questions and provide powerful insights that bring you much closer to yourself.

Bright, clear, powerful and honest.

We don't tell or teach you anything we haven't experienced ourselves. We don't show you anything without being an example in this ourselves. Clear, lucid and remarkably effective.


We share knowledge, experience and wisdom that you can effectively apply to your situation so that it may bring you what it brought us: 


More peace, more freedom, more space and therefore more happiness.


Become more energized, enthusiastic, motivated and once again full of willpower and inner peace to make the very best of your life from this point forward.


After a retreat with us, you are much better equipped to make choices aligned with yourself and your well-being.

What are you waiting for? Start living a life full of motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm and confidence!


Really get to know yourself!

Are you ready to really put yourself first? Let's work together to find out how you can start living your life passionately from your pure and authentic self!


Let's embark on a life-changing transformation process.​


Who are we?

Willian & Dennis

We are a passionate father & son coach duo dedicated to helping women like you unleash their power and solace in life´s chaos.


The accommodation

Our retreats aim to get closer to your true core. We do this by removing all unnecessary distractions. By being in nature and getting back to basics, you make it easier for yourself to get back to your core. What is your life really about when all distractions are gone, your phone turned off, your social environment, your work environment and family behind you. What is left of you? Who are you then? And what role do you actually play in your life?


To complete your relaxing, nature-immersed stay, we have made sure you have a comfortable bed for the best possible sleep after an intense day. For accommodation, you can choose between our brand new retreat house with a private garden and private facilities, one of our comfortable rooms, or optionally one of the luxurious yurts.

All the rooms are fully equipped, and each room has a wood-burning stove to keep you warm during the colder winter period. The rooms are equipped with a large bed. They all have a separate entrance directly adjoining the outdoor area and adjacent views of nature. The rooms are simple but comfortable. If you choose this option, you will share the bathroom and kitchen with other guests.

The retreat house

The retreat house is unique in its design as it is a former stable complex that is part of the Finca. This spacious house gives you all the privacy you need. You have your own bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom. The bedroom has a large bed and a wood-burning stove for those colder winter nights. This house has stunning views over the ocean and a beautiful valley at your front (stable) door. You have your own private garden, and sleeping in our large, comfortable yurt is optional.


A Sight to See

Relaxation and personal development in nature´s paradise

FreeCanari retreat house
Finca los alamos
Finca los alamos

Frequently asked questions

What about my arrival and departure days? Given the changes in flight times and days, the arrival time is different for everyone. The programme starts on day 1 at 2pm. That means your first retreat day starts with lunch after which you follow the afternoon program, and consecutive evening programme. Your departure day ends around noon, usually around 12 o'clock. That means that in the morning, after your breakfast, you will receive one more session to close your retreat and then your programme will end.

Is it possible to book additional night with you? Should your flight times be somewhat inconvenient, causing you to miss part of the first or last day of your program, then we recommend booking an extra night. You will then arrive a little earlier, or leave a day later. The programme remains the same, but you can book extra nights or meals. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you in our personal meeting.

Are food and drinks included? Short answer: Yes. We take pride and pleasure in cooking for our guests and ourselves. You will have dinner with your hosts and potentially other retreat guests if you´re part of a group. We are also happy to accommodate any dietry wishes or requirements.

Will you pick me up or do I have to arrange my own transport? Airport transfers from North and South Tenerife airport to our place is included. Should you land on Tenerife SOUTH, there is also a shuttle bus (343) with a direct connection for about €10 that can take you from south to north ( and back)

Are there any possibilities for support AFTER the retreat? We currently have several opportunities to continue your personal development through online coaching and our free YouTube channel. There is a full follow-up program available, more information can be found on this website or on request.

Where can I see your availability? Generally, we have first contact with those who would like to book a retreat with us. You may have spoken to us in person, or via social media. In this personal contact, we also agree together on our availability and what course fits within your possibilities. Your reservation is final when you have paid the 20% deposit. We will send you a link for payment after agreement.

Are you ready to join us for the adventure of a lifetime?

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