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Embrace your uniqueness

Allow your potential

Become your superpower


Mind your own blissness

At Free Canari Retreats Tenerife, we offer personal development, inner growth, transformational retreats, and spirituality with a unique lens on the current world.
We understand that the modern woman juggles many roles while grappling with the relentless rat race, intricate relationships, and the quest for a deeper meaning.

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Our mission

Creating and holding space to embrace vulnerability, discover your unique path, and embrace authenticity

Move forward together

Our specialties

Inner-child work, energy- healing & constellations, remembering I AM consciousness and Soul awareness, rebalance and reunion your feminine- and masculine divine, to inspire, motivate and ignite your inner fire again.

Freedom FreeCanari

Our ultimate goal

To see you dance through life again, living your true purpose, being an excited reflection of Unconditional Love! 


Who are we?

Willian & Dennis

We are a passionate father & son coach duo dedicated to helping women like you unleash their power and solace in life´s chaos.



We strive for a loving world, filled with compassion and understanding.

Join the ride

  • Are you yearning for a balance between your dreams and the demands of society?
  • Overcoming your fears?
  • Entering and maintaining more meaningful relationships?
  • Do you want to stop pleasing and put yourself first?

We provide insights tailored to your needs and we understand your struggles, from toxic relationships to your lost feminine energy, overcoming health issues, and transcending societal norms. 

Let us guide you in unraveling the spectrum from fear to self-love at our Tenerife retreats centre.

3-day Retreat for only €162

Are you looking for a personal, in-depth, transformational retreat?

Let us teach you to find the in-depth secret to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Let us tell you about our Inner Love You-nion retreat, specially designed for YOU and YOUR Inner YOU-nion to help your personal development and self-understanding to a higher level.

This Inner Love You-nion retreat is a relaxing experience designed to help you cultivate self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and self-love by releasing emotional pain.

You will experience deep guided meditations on rediscovering yourself, sound healing, breathwork, lectures on transpersonal psychology, energy healing, and energy constellations, which you will not find anywhere else!

What to expect?

No one ever really knows what to expect, so it's best to just let it happen.

During your time with us, you will learn to release resentment, anger, sadness, loneliness, and guilt.


You will experience deep inner healing and learn how to establish and maintain your Inner Peace State (IPS), which is your true human nature.

Our retreats are a journey into the complex psychological process of:

  • releasing guilt, 

  • self-acceptance, 

  • self-forgiveness, 

  • setting boundaries, 

  • rediscovering self-love, your true identity, and your purpose.

This will be the ultimate transformative retreat experience for improved mental health and overall life satisfaction, bringing you a personal transformation of a lifetime.

You will experience the cognitive, somatic, energetic, and spiritual fusion of mind, body, and soul practices,
gain insights into your survival (family) strategies, learn techniques for letting go, and how to apply self-love.

We offer a supportive community for personal growth and ongoing integration support post-retreat.

Tenerife Retreat

Already convinced??
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Retreat journeys you're about to experience with us in Tenerife

INNER CHILD: A journey into self-esteem, self-confidence, self-acceptance, self-love, fulfilling your own needs, and finding your true identity.


FEMININE & MASCULINE: A journey into the balance of these energies and restoring the disrupted inner balance by rediscovering your passion, enthusiasm, and life-force again.


FORGIVENESS: A journey into letting go of feelings of guilt by self-forgiveness.


EGO & THE PERSONA:  The story of the past and how to let go of the old stories about the past, still determining your present and future.  Discover the traits of ego and why they no longer serve you properly. Start to observe your thoughts, emotions, and behavior consciously via the Observer energy inside you and, finally, learn how to shift back into a loving reunion with your Soul energy.


COMING HOME: A compilation of all other journeys. Coming Home is reconnecting with the energy of inner love again instead of constantly living out of fear through which we feel Homesick, while  longing to connect with Home, Unconditional Love.


INSTALLING YOUR INNER SUPPORT TEAM: Connect with and ´talk´ to the energies inside you that have run your ´inner energy show´ until now and made you so tired.

Let´s replace them with a more fulfilling ´inner energy team´ and, eventually, a' spiritual inner energy team´ that supports and guides you on every step in life and will make you feel invincible.

Are you or do you feel

  • Over-responsible

  • Pleasing

  • Perfectionistic

  • Exhausted

  • Guilty

  • Procrastinating

  • Powerless and unmotivated

  • Without boundaries, not being able to say `No`

  • Over-sensitive

  • Incentive addict

  • Living up to expectations

  • Unsafe and not in control

We can help you

If all of this sounds very good to you and you feel like this is the ultimate opportunity to change your life, we are here for you.

"The Pilgrimage of Self" is the best way to describe my experience with FreeCanari.

I consider myself a person who has been on the road before to find inner peace and freedom. I am a person who has already done a lot of workshops, read many articles, read an awful lot of self-help books and listened to so many different theories and wisdom from others.

But I still doubted myself.  I doubted my way, of finding my unique individual path. And yet I left without any doubt.  


There is not just one road, nor is there a perfect road.  No hidden map. 

I found my path there on the mountain.


I found the keys. To myself.  My freedom.  Even my idea of what freedom means has changed. 

That beautiful simplicity of freedom, inner freedom together in contact with my inner child.


I know this may not be a review about the place, the food (all great by the way), but I am writing this because it is about the value, which was invaluable.


I want to thank you both for your unconditional commitment and love on this journey, and for being the catalyst for my freedom, self-love, self-acceptance and peace. 

For the rest of my life.


Love, Ala  

Alexa Young, CA

Still in doubt?

Watch this video and let us show you that we know, see, feel, understand you.

That we know all about your solutions for a happier life as well.

It's a privilege to work with people who are committed to their personal development and growth, who are unafraid to confront their deepest fears, and who are ready to rewrite future. We choose to work with you not out of necessity, but out of a shared resonance and mutual respect.

Together, we create a safe space where authenticity reigns supreme, where masks are shed, and where true transformation can occur. If you find yourself resonating with this profile, welcome. Your journey of self-discovery and liberation begins here.

Would you like to know more or schedule a free intake?

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