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Lotus Yurts Los Alamos

Embrace your uniqueness
allowing your potential to become your superpower


Everyone encounters challenges at some point in their lives.
In your job, income, living conditions, intimacy, relationships and connections with other people, health, or the meaning of life in general.
Ultimately, you are responsible for your own happiness, but sometimes you need some help to get you started in life.
People are made to connect and support each other, especially during difficult moments in life.
The connection and support we offer you is sincere, direct and to the point, very involved and knowledgeable and above all very personal and loving.
We teach you nothing that we have not experienced, lived through, accepted and transformed ourselves.


Moreover, we have not only created the perfect environment and circumstances to work on yourself here in Tenerife, but now also ONLINE and yet personally and individually.

Our mission

Our mission is to help you find the answers you are looking for. To find your real self back in yourself through yourself. Tell us about your goals, your wishes and your capabilities and we will put together a tailor-made programme with corresponding forms of therapy.
Our strength is to go very involved, sincere, with full attention to you, all the way to the depths.
So that we lay a solid foundation under your update to life version 2.0.
No quick fix, no tricks, just fundamental and profound change. We promise! 


Our programmes are designed to go in depth so we can help you with your issues and life questions in a life-changing way.  We can guarantee that you will end your journey with us full of insights and practical tools, which will seriously help you on your way in the rest of your life. 
Fully tailored to your needs, wishes, enthusiasm, passion and dreams to be realised. 

Our focus is on the possible, not the impossible. We use spiritual methods, but our insights are practical, realistic and easy to apply in your daily life.


When do we meet?

How does it look like?

We are happy to tell you all about our offerings. But it´s still us talking about us.

That's why we also like to let one of our retreat guests have her say.


Read her experience yourself....

"The Pilgrimage of Self" is the best way to describe my experience with Willian and Lindsay.

I consider myself a person who has been on the road before to find inner peace and freedom. I am a person who has already done a lot of workshops, read many articles, read an awful lot of self-help books and listened to so many different theories and wisdom from others.

But I still doubted myself.  I doubted my way, of finding my unique individual path. And yet I left without any doubt.  


There is not just one road, nor is there a perfect road.  No hidden map. 

I found my path there on mountain with Lindsay and Willian.


 I found the keys. To myself.  My freedom.  Even my idea of what freedom means has changed. 

That beautiful simplicity of freedom, inner freedom together in contact with my inner child.


I know this may not be a review about the place, the food (all great by the way), but I am writing this because it is about the value, which was invaluable.


I want to thank you both for your unconditional commitment and love on this journey, and for being the catalyst for my freedom, self-love, self-acceptance and peace. 

For the rest of my life.


Love, Ala  

Retreat guest August 2022

about willian

Willian is above all an energetic life coach, brimming with insights and wisdom that he loves to share with you. A life coach who goes into depth with you and makes you enthusiastic, motivates and inspires you to start living with full conviction again.



A man who is not afraid to use his feminine energy to restore the imbalance between male and female energy on a personal level and in humanity. 



A powerful man, who does not mince his words. From his directness he can not only quiet you, but also bring you back into your power.



In the past, Willian worked in a management position in an international company for more than 20 years. As a result, he has a lot of knowledge of and experience in the business world, and its customary structures.

Especially also how these structures often do NOT contribute to the true essence of being human.



After this experience, he became self-employed and followed various trainings and courses in the field of intuitive coaching - Chakra healings, ho´oponopono, guided meditations and energy constellations.



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